Overview of Attaching Drawings
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You can work with objects from other drawings by attaching the other drawings to the current drawing. The group of drawings attached to the current drawing is called a drawing set.

Example: You have separate drawings for each quadrant of a town. You attach those drawings to the current drawing, and then view all the quadrants simultaneously.

Aligning Attached Drawings

If an attached drawing has a global coordinate system assigned to it, objects from that drawing are automatically converted to their appropriate size and location in the current drawing.

If an attached drawing does not have a global coordinate system assigned to it, you can specify how to align objects from that drawing when they are copied into the current drawing.

Attached Drawings     Current Drawing

Tile drawings by specifying the drawing offset for each attached drawing, as shown above.

For each attached drawing, you can specify a drawing offset. You can also specify how objects from the attached drawings are scaled or rotated when they are brought into the current drawing.

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