Defining an Object Class
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Define an object class by selecting a sample object in your drawing, choosing which of its properties to include in the definition, and specifying the allowable settings.

For example, if you want to define an object class for maintenance hole covers, select an existing maintenance hole cover in your drawing.

If you do not have a sample object in your drawing, create an object with the data and property settings that you want to include in the object class definition.

For each object class, AutoCAD Map 3D stores information on how to create the object, what properties it should have, what data should be attached, and what topology information should be associated with it. All objects you create using this object class definition have the selected properties and values.

Editing Object Class Definitions

To define an object class, you must have Alter Object Class Privileges.

WarningOnly one person should edit object class definitions at a time. If two people edit at the same time, one set of edits may be lost.

If someone has recently edited the definition file, quit AutoCAD Map 3D and restart to get the updated definitions.

Renaming an Object Class

When you rename an object class, you change the name only in the object class definition file. Any objects tagged with the object class name are unchanged. Since these objects point to a name that no longer exists in the object class definition file, the objects become undefined. You can search for these undefined objects and update their object class name.

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