Defining an Object Class
Concept Procedure Quick Reference
Note To define an object class, you must have Alter Object Class privileges.

To define an object class

  1. Select a sample object for the object class.

    The sample object must have the properties, links, and attributes that you want to include in the definition of the object class.

  2. If an object definition file is not attached, enter attachdef at the command prompt and attach the file.
  3. On the Map Explorer tab of the Task Pane, right-click Object Classes. Click Define Object Class.
  4. When prompted to select a sample object, select the sample object. Press Enter.
  5. In the Define Object Classification dialog box, enter a name and a description.
  6. To base this object class on an existing object class, select the existing object class from the Based On list.

    To use this object class as a base only, select Use As Base Object Classification Only.

  7. On the Applies To tab, select the object type for this object class.

    You must select the object type before you can select properties on the Properties List tab.

    For best results, select the most specific object type that applies to all objects in this class.

    NoteIf you plan to use this object class with objects from a drawing source, do not select more than one object type.
  8. On the Properties List tab, select each of the properties you want to include in the definition. For each property, enter a default value and a range of possible values.

    To specify a line weight, enter the decimal value as an integer. For example, to specify a line weight of 0.13, enter 13.

  9. On the Class Settings tab, select the object to use to create the feature. For example, if you are defining an object class for roads, select Polyline as the creation method.
    Note You can select only objects that match the object type you selected on the Applies To tab.

    You can also specify the icon to display for the object class and whether you want the object class to appear on the Map Explorer tab of the Task Pane.