Setting System Options
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You can specify options that affect the operation of a single installation of AutoCAD Map 3D.

NoteIf you have enabled Force User Login on the Multi-User Options tab, you must log in as a Superuser to set System Options. The default superuser login name is SuperUser (not case sensitive) and the password is SUPERUSER (case sensitive).

Log File Options

Number of Drawings Loaded Into Memory At Once

When you attach and activate drawings, AutoCAD Map 3D opens them in memory. You do not see the open drawings, but AutoCAD Map 3D must open them to perform operations.

The number of drawings that AutoCAD Map 3D can open in memory at the same time depends on several factors. These include the size of the drawings, amount of memory, and your system setup.

The number you specify here does not limit the number of active drawings. AutoCAD Map 3D opens and closes files in memory as it needs them. If your system has a lot of memory, you can enter a larger number (up to 200) to make queries go faster.

Default Directories

To specify a default directory for externally saved queries or cache files, enter the path in the appropriate box. Or click Browse to locate an existing directory.

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