Object Class Attribute Mapping dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify how to map attribute data from the incoming file to object classes in the AutoCAD Map 3D drawing.

To assign an object class to an input layer

Click Home tabData panelImport From Files. At the Command prompt, enter mapimport.

Select An Object Class

Click an object class defined in the current drawing.

Input Fields

Click an incoming attribute data field to map to a Target Field in the object class.

Target Fields

Click the attribute in the selected object class that the selected Input Field wll map to. Map as many Target Fields as possible.

Once you map a target field, it no longer appears in the Target Fields list. This ensures that each target field is mapped to only one incoming data field.

If you don't map a target field, the default object class value will be used.

The syntax for the Target Field is



CATEGORY Type of data, for example "OD" for object data, or "LT" for link template (linked external database).
TABLE Object data table name or database table name.
FIELD Data field name.