Map Data Elements to Layers dialog box (MAPIMPORT4)

This dialog box was used to specify the data element to use when determining the target layer for objects. It has been discontinued. Instead, use one of the following procedures or commands.

To import data from other formats

To import from Arc/INFO

To import from MapInfo MIF/MID

To import SHP data

Click Home tabData panelImport From Files. At the Command prompt, enter mapimport.

When the file is converted, the value of the selected data element for each object will determine its layer.

To map a value to a layer, select the value in the Values Available list and select a layer from the Target Layer list. Click >>.

Control Data Element area

Select the data element to use to determine the target layer.

Values Available list

Displays all the values in the import file for the selected data element.

Target Layer area

Select a layer. To create a new layer, click New.


Move the selected values from the Values Available list to the Values Assigned list for the selected layer.


Remove the selected values from the selected layer and return them to the Values Available list.

Values Assigned list

Displays the values assigned to the current layer.

Auto Layer

Assign each value to a layer of the same name. If a layer does not exist, one will be created.


Display the Layer Mapping dialog box, which lists the layer assignment for each value in the selected data element.