Topology Dissolve - Object Data dialog box
NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects.

Use this dialog box to createor specify the result table (the object data table that will store the dissolve result field data).

You can reference an existing object data table or define a new one. The dissolve field can be an object data variable or any expression.

To dissolve a composite topology

Click Analyze tabDrawing Object panelDissolve. At the Command prompt, enter mapandissolve.

The dissolve operation starts with a single item and "joins" all adjacent objects that share the same value for this item. The resulting topology data includes only the field used to perform the dissolve.

For example, you could perform a dissolve operation on a map of zip code boundaries that reference a county name as a data field. Dissolving the zip codes by county results in the county boundaries as a geometry. The result data holds the county name. In that case, the result table stores the result field consisting of the county name.

Object Data Table

Select an object data table from the list of tables in the current drawing.

Object Data Field

Select a field from the list of fields in the selected table. To add a new field, click Define.


Click to add a new object data field.


Dissolves the topology using the current settings after you specify the dissolve parameter and enter a valid topology name.