Creating Centroids for Polygons
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If you have data attached to polygon objects or closed polylines, you can create centroids for the polygons or closed polylines and move the data to the centroid.

This is useful after you import or digitize objects, before using editing commands such as Drawing Cleanup, Map Break, or Map Trim, or when working with topology.

Object data attached to closed polylines (above) and object data moved to centroids (below).

When you use this feature, AutoCAD Map 3D checks that the selected polygons or closed polylines are clean; that is, that the lines do not intersect each other, and that the area is greater than 0.

It creates a centroid inside each selected polygon or closed polyline and moves any object data or SQL link data to the centroid. For a 'figure eight' object, AutoCAD Map 3D creates one centroid.

Centroids are created with a Z value of 0.

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