MAPDIGITIZE (Digitize command)

Use this command to digitize nodes and linear objects with settings from MAPDIGISETUP.

To digitize links and nodes

Click Create tabDrawing Object panelDigitize drop-downDigitize. At the Command prompt, enter MAPDIGITIZE.

Digitizing Nodes

Respond to the prompts:

Specify Insertion Point

Specify the location of the first node. Continue to specify nodes. When you finish, press Enter.

Digitizing Linear Objects

Respond to the prompts:

From Point

Specify the starting point of the linear object.

Arc/Close/Halfwidth/Length/Undo/Width/<Endpoint Of Line>

For information on this prompt, look up PLINE command in the help index.

Continue to specify linear objects. When you finish, press Enter twice.

Digitizing Setup

The specified nodes or linear objects are digitized using the settings specified in the Digitize Setup dialog box.

If you selected this in the Digitize Setup dialog box... Do this...
Attach Data Enter the data values for each digitized object.
Prompt For Label Point Specify a label point for each digitized object.
Prompt For Rotation Enter a rotation in degrees. (Use the UNITS command to view or change the current direction.)
Prompt For Scale Enter a real number. For example, enter 2 to double the size of the block, or enter .5 to halve the size of the block.