Viewing Topology Data
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Information about each topology you create is stored in an object data table in the current drawing as shown in this table.

Topology Name Object Data Table Object Data Field Information Stored
    TOLERANCE Setting of VIEWRES when created or edited
    LINK_LAYER Layer for links
    LINK_COLOR Color of links
    CREATE_NODE Nodes in topology; 0=No, 1=Yes
    NODE_LAYER Layer for nodes
    NODE_TYPE Type of nodes
    NODE_BLOCK Block used for nodes
    CREATE_CNTR Centroids in topology; 0=No, 1=Yes
    CNTR_LAYER Layer for centroids
    CNTR_COLOR Color of centroids
    CNTR_TYPE Type of centroids
    CNTR_BLOCK Block used for centroids

This information can be used in a topology query. Depending on the type of topology, other object data tables are created and attached to the elements of the topology.

You can also view and edit data associated with the objects in a topology using the Properties palette. For example, for a link in a network topology, you can view general information about the link, such as the ID of the start and end nodes, and you can edit specific information such as the direction, direct resistance, and reverse resistance of a link.

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