Topology Buffer - New Topology dialog box
NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects.

Use this dialog box to specify settings for viewing the resulting buffer topology onscreen.

To buffer a topology

Click Analyze tabDrawing Object panelObject Buffer. At the Command prompt, enter mapanbuffer.

You can specify the name, description, and layer for the new topology.


Show the results of the analysis on screen using the color specified in the Color.


Select the color you want to use to highlight the results of the analysis in the map. To clear the color when you finish viewing the results in the map, at the Command prompt, enter redrawall.


Enter a unique name for the new topology. Topology names can contain letters, numbers, and the underscore and hyphen characters.


Enter a description for the new topology.


Specify a layer for the new topology. To select from a list of layers in the current drawing, click the down arrow. To create a new layer, type the name in the box.

Note Do not specify a locked layer. If you do, AutoCAD Map 3D can complete only part of the buffer process (it can create the buffer geometry but not the buffer topology). To use a locked layer, unlock it first.

Close the dialog box without creating a buffer.


Display the previous dialog box.


Creates the buffer using the current settings. The Finish is available after you specify the buffer distance and enter a valid topology name.