Output Report Options dialog box
NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects. Reports will include information about drawing objects only.

Use this dialog box to specify the name for your report file, and to define a template for the file.

To create a report template

Click Home tabData panelDefine Query. At the Command prompt, enter adequery.

An output report lists information about drawing objects that were found by a query of an attached drawing file. This information can include properties (such as layer, color, or object type), data attached to the object, or data linked to the object from an external database. You set up expressions to limit the objects found to those that match specific criteria. For example, you can create a query that finds all structures larger than a certain size, and then prints a report listing the object type and size. You can also include information from sub-objects.

To specify which information you want in the report, create a template.

Report Template area

Report Template list

View all expressions in the current template. New expressions are added to the bottom of the list, unless an expression in the list is selected, and then the new expression is added above that expression.


Select an expression in the Report Template list and click Edit to copy it to the Expression box, where you can modify it. When you finish modifying the expression, click Update.


Select an expression in the Report Template list and click Delete to remove it.

Clear List

Erase the entire report template.

Expression area

Create a new expression or modify an existing one.

Expression box

Enter an expression to add to the template or edit an existing expression. To create an expression, specify the variable that represents the information to include in the report and click Add.

To select from a list of available variables, click Expression.


Display the Expression dialog box, which lists all drawing object properties, object classes, object data, and external data in the drawing you are querying.

Range list

View the current range table.

To see a list of all range tables defined in the drawing you are querying, click the down arrow.


Display the Define Range Table dialog box, where you can create a new range table.


Add the current expression to the Report Template list.


Update the edited expression in the Report Template list.

Output File Name area

Enter the path and file name for the report or click Browse to choose one.

Unless you specify otherwise, the file name extension is .txt. The output file is in text format regardless of the file name extension you use.

Process Sub-Objects

If you do not select this option, the output report contains information about the selected object, but not its component parts.

For example, select this option to print information for all points in a polygon. If the option is not selected, the output report will contain information for only the first point.

The following table shows the information included in a topology query, depending on whether you select Process Sub-Objects or not.

Topology type Not selected Selected
Node topology Nodes Nodes, objects, and object data
Network topology Links Links, start and end node data
Polygon topology Centroids Centroids, links, and nodes
Apply Transformation

If objects from the drawing you are querying have been transformed using a coordinate system transformation or a simple offset, scale, or rotate transformation, check this option to have the report query evaluate the transformed objects.

If you do not select this option, the report query evaluates only the untransformed objects in the drawing.