Attribute Data dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify the attribute data to import for the selected input layer. This is sometimes called a theme, level, or file.

To specify the data to import

Click Home tabData panelImport From Files.

Do Not Import Attribute Data

Do not add data attached to the objects in the source drawing.

Create Object Data

Import data attached to the objects in the source drawing into an object data table.

Object Data Table To Use

Select an object data table or enter a name for a new one. A table name can include the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, $ and _. It cannot include spaces. It must start with an alphanumeric character.

For a new object data table name, AutoCAD Map 3D creates a new object data table with fields that match the fields you're importing. To change these defaults, click Select Fields.

For an existing object data table, incoming fields are imported into object data fields with the same name by default. If no object data field exists with the same name, the incoming field is not imported. To change these defaults, click Select Fields.

When the data is imported, it will be converted to the following object data types:

  • Integer32, Integer16, and Boolean data types are converted to the Integer data type. For Boolean data, false is converted to 0 and true is converted to 1.
  • Float, Double, and Decimal data types are converted to the Real data type.
  • Char and Date data types are converted to the Character data type.

Incoming data is converted to the data type of the matching object data field. If this conversion fails, AutoCAD Map 3D uses 0 for integers, 0.0 for real numbers, and "" for characters.

Select Fields

Select the fields to import and specify names for the object data fields.

Add Unique Key Field

Automatically create a field with a unique entry for each imported object. You can edit the field name.

The unique ID numbers increment within a single AutoCAD Map 3D session, but restart when you restart AutoCAD Map 3D. To extend the unique key across multiple imported files, import them all during the same AutoCAD Map 3D session.

Add To Database Table

Append data attached to the objects in the source to an external database table. The links to the data are imported with the objects. Select the link template to use. Optionally, import only the link data.

If no link templates are defined in the current drawing, the option is not available.

Link Template

Select a link template from the list.

Select Fields

Select fields to import from the source drawing. If you select only key fields, they are imported as link data, and the database table is not updated.

Create Link Only

Import link data only. Links are maintained from the imported objects to their appropriate row in the table, but no changes are made to the database table.

If you import only the key field, this option is automatically selected.