Browse/Search dialog box

Use this dialog box to display preview images of drawings, open drawings, and search for files. Use the browser to search for files across multiple directories on a single drive or on multiple drives.

The Browse tab displays small bitmap images of drawings in the specified directory. You can sort the preview images by file type.

Browse tab

File Name

The name of the currently selected drawing.


The names of the directories on the current drive.


The names of the available drives.

List Files of Type

Select file types to browse for, including drawing files (DWG), drawing interchange format files (DXF), and drawing template files (DWT).


Change the size of the preview images. The options are Small, Medium, and Large.


Use the Map Network Drive dialog box (a Windows system window) to connect to networked drives.

Search tab


View a list of files that meet the search criteria.

Search Pattern

Enter a pattern to search for in file name, based on file type. For example, enter floor* to search for all files that begin with "floor" and are of the file type specified.

If you use wild-card characters, and if the search string does not contain path separators, the search attempts to match either the full path or just the file name portion of the path.

File Types

Select the types of files to search for.

Date Filter

Search forward or backward from the specified time or date.


Enter the time from which the system searches forward or backward.


Enter the date from which the system searches. The specified date must be 1/1/80 or later.

Search Location

Specify which drives and paths the system searches.


View all currently attached drives.

All Drives

View all local hard drives, including removable and network drives.


View directories.


Open the selected file.


Begin searching for the named file according to the search location information. This option changes to Stop Search once the search begins.