Bringing In Drawing Data From DWG Files
Concept Procedure

Your map can include drawing objects from the current drawing or from other drawings. To include objects from other drawings, you must first attach those drawings to your map.

NoteTo open a DWG file that was created with, or contains, feature source provider data, do not double-click the icon that represents the file. Click Open Drawing.

Each set of objects you select is stored in a layer in Display Manager. A layer that includes drawing objects is a drawing layer.

Drawing layers in Display Manager are different from “classic” AutoCAD layers that you see in the AutoCAD Layer Properties Manager. AutoCAD users who do not have AutoCAD Map 3D do not have Display Manager and so cannot see Display Manager layers.

You style AutoCAD layers using the Layer Properties Manager. When you bring in data by object class, location, property, or query, and store that data in a Display Manager drawing layer, you can style and theme the layer using Display Manager tools, and use the mapping and GIS tools available in AutoCAD Map 3D.

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