Topology Dissolve - Set Parameter dialog box
NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects.

Use this dialog box to select the data on which to base the dissolve.

To dissolve a composite topology

Click Analyze tabDrawing Object panelDissolve. At the Command prompt, enter mapandissolve.

When you perform a dissolve, you create a new topology by combining polygons that share the same data value in a specified field. This field is called the dissolve field. The dissolve field can be an object data field or a column in a linked external database.

Dissolve By

Select the data on which to base the dissolve. This is often referred to as the dissolve field.

  • To use object data or data in an external data base, click Expression Builder. Select the data to use.

    Note that the Dissolve command uses only data that is attached or linked to the centroid of the polygon. It does not use data attached to a polygon border.

  • You can also enter any valid expression. See Expression Evaluator.

Any two adjacent polygons or connected lines that have the same value for this field are combined into a single polygon or line.


Close the dialog box without performing the dissolve.


Disabled because this is the first dialog box in the list.


Dissolves the topology using the current settings. The Finish is available after you specify the dissolve parameter and enter a valid topology name.