Altering Properties Using Object Properties
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You can define a property alteration that modifies a property of queried drawing objects based on another property of the objects.

Example: If the layers in your attached drawings are named using numbers, you could color objects based on the layer they are on. To do this, under Select Property, select Color as the property to alter. In the expression area, click Property and choose Layer as the new value to use for the color.

The property you specify in the Expression area must have a value that can be used for the property you are altering. For example, if your layers are not named using numbers but instead use names such as Roads and Pipes, the previous example would not work. (To create a modification based on these layer names, use a range table, where you can specify that objects on the layer named Roads be colored red, and objects on the layer named Pipes be colored blue. For more information, see Creating a Range Table.)

You can also modify a property based on the same property. For example, to double the scale of selected objects, select Scale in the Select Property area as the property to change. In the Expression area, select Scale as the property to base the change on and multiply it by two. The expression would look like this:

(* x.scale 2)

Dot Variables

For a full listing of the dot variables that you can use for property alteration, see Dot Variables.

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