Creating a Style
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To create a display style

  1. In Display Manager, right-click the layer to style. Click Add Style, and then choose the type of style to create.
    • Entity Style
    • Hatch Style
    • Text Style
    • Raster Image Style
    • Annotation Style
    • Symbol Style
  2. Select the style.
  3. If the Properties palette is not already visible, click the Style button.
  4. On the Display tab of the Properties palette, specify style settings.
    NoteWhen entering an expression, you may need to select an item from the list first. Click to display the Edit Expression dialog box.
NoteSome drawing objects might not be styled. The Display Manager does not style drawing objects that have been queried into the current drawing using a standard Query. To style drawing objects from attached drawings, see Overview of Bringing in Drawing Data From DWG Files.