Editing a Partial Topology
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To retrieve objects to edit

  1. Open a drawing, attach the source drawings that contain the topology you wish to edit, and make those source drawings active. Zoom to the extents of the active source drawings.
  2. In Display Manager, click Data menu Add Drawing Data Query Topology.
  3. In the Topology Query dialog box, click Load.
  4. In the Topology Selection dialog box, select the topology to query. Click OK.
  5. In the Load Topology from Source Drawing dialog box, make sure that both the Topology Objects options are not selected. Click OK.
  6. In the Topology Query dialog box, select or define a query.
    • To load an existing query, click Load Query and select the query.
    • To define a new query, click Define Query, and then define a query to retrieve the topology geometry you require.
  7. Select Draw mode and execute the query.

Now that the objects are in the current drawing, you can edit them.

To edit the objects

  1. Unload the topology from the source drawings. Load the topology in the current drawing.
  2. Make any edits to the topology with the editing topology tools.
  3. Add the changes to the save set.
  4. Save back the changes to the source drawings. Do not save the current drawing.