Trimming Objects at a Boundary
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To trim objects inside a boundary

  1. Open a drawing and attach the maps you want.
  2. Define and execute a query to retrieve the objects to trim.
  3. Click Tools tabMap Edit panelBoundary Trim. At the Command prompt, enter maptrim.
  4. Under Boundary, select how to specify the boundary:
    • Reference Last Query Boundary — Use the boundary you used in the last query.
    • Select Boundary — Use an object in the current drawing as the boundary. Click Select and select the object to use. The object needs to form a closed area.
    • Define Boundary — Use a boundary you define. Click Define and specify the boundary.
  5. Under Objects To Trim, specify whether to select objects manually or automatically, and whether to use only objects on selected layers.
  6. Under Trim Method, specify whether to trim inside or outside the boundary. Specify whether to exclude topology objects, and whether to retain object data on the objects.

    If you select Retain Object Data, object data and external link data is duplicated on each piece of a trimmed object. If data is not retained, it remains attached only to the original location.

  7. Under Objects That Cannot Be Trimmed, specify what to do with text, hatch patterns, and blocks that cross the boundary.
  8. Click OK.
  9. To save the trim with your topology, save your changes back to the source drawings.

    To save the trim results without modifying the original topology, save the changes to a new drawing.