Create Centroids dialog box

Use the Create Centroids dialog box to create centroids in the middle of selected closed polylines or polygons, and move any object data or SQL link data from the closed object to the centroid.

When you use this feature, AutoCAD Map 3D checks that the selected polygons and closed polylines are clean; that is, that the lines do not intersect each other, and that the closed object has an area greater than 0. Centroids are created with a Z value of 0.

If the closed object has holes, the centroid will be placed in the center of the enclosed area, regardless of whether it falls within a hole or not. For a 'figure eight' polygon, AutoCAD Map 3D will create one centroid.

Create Centroids In

Select the polylines or polygons for which you want to create centroids.

All Closed Objects

Create centroids for all polygons and closed polylines.

Selected Only

Create centroids only for selected polygons and polylines. Click Select Objects or Quick Select to select the polylines and polygons.

Creation Options

Specify where to create the centroids and what point or block to use for centroids.

Create on Layer

Specify the layer for the new centroids. Click the down arrow to select from a list of layers in the drawing. If the layer you want is not listed, it may be frozen or locked. To create the centroids on a new layer, click Create On Layer.

Create Using

To create centriods as points, select ACAD_POINT. To create centroids using an existing block, click the down arrow and select the name of the block.

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