Delete Duplicates
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To delete duplicate objects

  1. Click Tools tabMap Edit panelClean Up. At the Command prompt, enter mapclean.
  2. On the Select Actions page, in the Cleanup Actions list, click Delete Duplicates. Click Add.
  3. In the Select Actions list, click Delete Duplicates to display the cleanup parameters for this action.
  4. Under Cleanup Parameters, set Tolerance to a value slightly higher than the distance between the objects.

    Enter a value in the Tolerance box or click Pick to select two points that define the tolerance.

  5. Select the object types to include in the Delete Duplicates calculation.
  6. To include rotation in the delete duplicates calculation for Blocks, Text, or Mtext, select Rotation.
  7. To include z-values (elevation) in the delete duplicates calculation, select Z-values.
  8. Continue specifying Drawing Cleanup settings.