Drawing Statistics dialog box

Use this dialog box to view information about the active source drawings in the current drawing.

To view information about attached drawings

Click Map Setup tabMap panel Drawing Statistics. At the Command prompt, enter adedwgstat.

Select the drawings you want information about. Click an information button. AutoCAD Map 3D searches the selected source drawings and displays the information in the box at the bottom of the screen.

Active Drawings list

View all the active attached drawings in the current drawing.

  • Use Select All to select all drawings.
  • Use Clear All to remove the highlighting from all items.
  • Use Filter to filter the list of drawings.

Select Filter to turn on the current drawing filter.

When the filter is on, only drawings that match the filter are displayed. If the parent drawing of a nested drawing is filtered, the nested drawing is not displayed, even if it matches the filter.

To create or change the filter, click Filter. In the Drawing Set Display Filter dialog box, you can create separate filters for file names and descriptions.

Object Counts

View the number and type of objects in the source drawing.

Symbol Tables

View symbol tables and their values for each of the selected drawings. Symbol tables include Blocks, Layers, Linetypes, Text Styles, and Regapps, which are registered applications that contain xdata (extended data) within the drawing.

Object Data

For the selected drawings, view

  • Link Templates
  • Object Data tables
  • Attributes
Object Classes

View object classes used in the selected drawings and the number of features in each feature class.