Overview of Converting Geospatial Data to Drawing Objects
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During import, AutoCAD Map 3D copies data from the input file into the active AutoCAD Map 3D drawing and converts the data to drawing objects.

Connecting to Data Directly vs. Importing

You can work with your data using Data Connect or by importing it.

When you use Data Connect (from Display Manager), you view and edit data in its source. Edits are saved back to the source. The data stays in its original location.

When you import data, you make a copy of the data and bring that copy into your map. When you edit the data, you are editing the copy. The original data is unchanged.

For some formats, such as MicroStation Design (DGN), Arc/INFO, and SDF 2 (Autodesk MapGuide 6.5 and earlier), you can only import and export the data. For most other formats, you can either connect directly to the data or use import and export.

For more information, see Overview of Bringing In GIS Features.

Before You Import a File

Before you import a file, determine the following:

Supported Formats

For information on importing specific formats, see the following:

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