Buffering Features in Your Map
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Use buffers to analyze features by proximity. Select a geospatial feature in your map and specify the distance for the buffer. AutoCAD Map 3D creates a polygon around the feature or features you have selected at the distance you specify.

NoteThis method does not work for drawing objects, but you can use drawing topologies to create buffers for drawing objects.

You can output the buffer to a new layer in your map or append it to an existing buffer layer. If you are buffering multiple features, you can specify whether AutoCAD Map 3D should merge all the buffers into a single buffer, merge only the overlapping buffers, or leave the buffers separate. AutoCAD Map 3D saves buffer data in SDF format.

You can use buffers to select features within the specified buffer distance of other features. For example, if you created a one-mile buffer around a construction zone, you could use this buffer to find all parcels within one mile of the construction area.

Buffer Warnings

If you select a very large number of features to buffer, AutoCAD Map 3D will display a warning and give you the option of reducing the number of features in your selection. AutoCAD Map 3D will also display this warning if you have selected features with very complex geometry, or if you have selected merge options for too many features or features with complex geometry.

NoteWhen creating buffers around objects with complicated geometries, such as islands, the buffer might not display correctly. If you use the merge option to merge the buffers for all the geometries of a feature, it will display correctly.

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