Buffering Features in Your Map
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To create a buffer

  1. Click Analyze tabFeature panelFeature Buffer. At the Command prompt, enter mapfdobuffercreate.
  2. In the Create Buffer dialog box, if you have not already selected the feature or features to buffer, click Select Features to select the features interactively on your map.
  3. To set the buffer distance, enter a value for Distance or click to enter a distance interactively on your map. Use the measurement units specified by the coordinate system assigned to your map, or choose a different unit from the list.
    NoteIf you change the units after you specify the distance, the Distance entry updates to show that measurement in the new units.
  4. For Output To Layer, specify the Display Manager layer to contain the buffer. If you created other buffers in this map, you can choose one of their layers from the list. By default, AutoCAD Map 3D creates a new layer for your buffer.
  5. Specify the name of the SDF file to store the buffered features. By default, the buffer file is saved in the current drawing’s saved location.
  6. Select a Merge Results option:
    • No Merging: Overlapping buffers are not merged. The number of resulting buffers is equal to the number of features being buffered.
    • Merge All Buffers: All overlapping buffers are merged into a single buffer and then combined into a single polygon.
    • Merge Overlapping Buffers: Only the overlapping buffers are merged.
  7. Click OK.

    You can style the buffer as you would any other Display Manager layer. All buffers you append to this buffer layer will use the same style. For more information on styling features, see Styling Features.

To change your selection or merge options after receiving a buffer warning

  1. In the Buffer Warning dialog box, click Change.

    Proceeding after receiving a buffer warning may take a very long time.

  2. In the Create Buffer dialog box, do one or both of the following:
    • Click Select Features, then click the features to buffer on your map.
    • Select a new Merge Results option.
  3. Click OK.