Exercise 2: Connect to the Access database

Connect to the ODBC data store in Data Connect. You do not add data from the ODBC source to the map, because it does not contain spatial information. The data in the Access database becomes available to AutoCAD Map 3D when you connect to the ODBC source.

NoteThis exercise uses the AnalyzeMap1.dwg map you created and modified in the previous exercises.

To connect to the Access database from AutoCAD Map 3D

  1. Click Home tabData panelConnect. At the Command prompt, enter mapconnect.
  2. In the Data Connect window, under Data Connections By Provider, click Add ODBC Connection.
  3. Click the button next to the Source field under Add A New Connection.
  4. In the Open dialog box, select Parcel_Owners from the list of Data Source Names and click Select.

    Connect to the ODBC data source.

  5. Click Connect.
  6. In the User Name & Password dialog box, click Login without entering anything in the fields. (This database has not been set up for user name and password protection.)

    AutoCAD Map 3D has access to the non-spatial data as soon as you connect to its source.

  7. Close the Data Connect window without adding anything to your map.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 3: Join the data from the ODBC source to the layer containing the parcels.