Exercise 1: Create a buffer representing a construction zone

Start by creating the buffer.

NoteThis exercise uses the AnalyzeMap1.dwg map you created and modified in the previous exercises.

To create the buffer

  1. If your map is not still displayed, open it. Click Open Drawing.

    Navigate to the map you created in the previous lessons. Select it and click Open.

  2. In Display Manager, clear the check boxes next to the surface and contour layers to hide those layers and see the rest of the process more easily.
  3. Right-click the Parcels layer and click Zoom To Extents.
  4. Click Analyze tabFeature panelFeature Buffer. At the Command prompt, enter mapfdobuffercreate.
  5. In the Buffer Features dialog box, set the buffer distance to 100 feet and click Merge All Buffers.
  6. Click Select Features.
  7. Click a road in your map that runs through the parcel area.
  8. Press Enter to return to the dialog box.
  9. Click OK.

The buffer is created as a separate layer in your map.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 2: Select the parcels within the construction-zone buffer.