Exercise 3: Export the drawing layers to SDF - Select the layers

In this exercise, you export the drawing layers from the original DWG file to a new SDF file. The original drawing layers become geospatial features with properties that reflect the object data and AutoCAD properties.

Use the Export dialog box to map each layer to a target feature class and convert object data and properties to geospatial attribute data. Once you set up the mapping, you can save your settings as a profile, allowing you to use the settings over and over again.

You cannot maintain styling information when you export drawing objects to SDF, but you can include object attributes. When you export the Waterline layer, you map the Color attribute to a SIZE property.

The Export dialog box has three tabs. The following exercises describe the steps to take on each tab.

NoteThis exercise uses the DWGMap.dwg map file you opened and modified in Exercise 1: Examine the original drawing layers.

To select the layers to export to SDF

  1. Click Output tabMap Data Transfer panelAs SDF. At the Command prompt, enter mapdwgtosdf.
  2. In the Save dialog box, specify a location and a name for the new SDF file and click OK.

    Make a note of the file name and location, so you can connect to this file later.

  3. In the Export dialog box, on the Selection tab, click Select All.
  4. Leave the Export dialog box open for the next exercise.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 4: Export the drawing layers to SDF - Map object data to feature class properties.