Exercise 1: Create a template for the imported material

When you import the SDF file into a map, you convert the data to DWG objects. (If you connected to the SDF file, the objects would remain in SDF data format.)

To maintain the formatting of the original DWG objects that you exported to SDF, create a template that duplicates that formatting.

Use the original drawing file as the basis for the template. That way, the template automatically specifies the layers for the SDF feature classes.

NoteThis exercise uses the DWGMap.dwg map file you opened in Lesson 1: Convert Drawing Layers to Feature Classes.

To create a template for the imported material

  1. Open the original DWG file you exported to SDF.
    • Click Open Drawing.
    • Select the sample map called DWGMap.dwg
  2. Save the drawing as a template (.dwt) file. Click Save As AutoCAD Drawing Template.

    Name the file DWGImportTemplate.dwt.

    When prompted, enter a description of the template and leave the other settings set to their default values.

  3. In the new template file, delete all the drawing objects so that the drawing is empty.

    Press Ctrl+A or use Zoom Window to select all the objects. Then press the Delete key.

  4. Save and close the template drawing file.
  5. Create a map using the DWGImportTemplate.dwt template.
    • Click New Drawing.
    • Select the DWGImportTemplate.dwt template.
    • Click Open.

    You do not have to assign a coordinate system to this new map, because the template specifies that information.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 2: Import the SDF layers