Feature Class Property Mapping dialog box

Use this dialog box to map data to existing feature classes in the target data store when you export to a geospatial format.

To export drawing objects to other file formats

In the Tool-based Ribbon Workspace, click Output tabMap Data Transfer panelMap 3D Export.

Drawing Attributes

Select the drawing attributes to map to FDO feature classes. This field is not editable.

For .COLOR, LINETYPE, and LINEWEIGHT attributes, click to display the Property Value Mapping dialog box.

Feature Class Properties

Enter or select the feature class property to which to map your drawing attributes. If you are exporting to an existing FDO feature class, you can select feature class properties from a drop-down list. Existing properties are displayed in bold blue text.

Select Attributes

Select attributes to map to this feature class only.

Entries in this dialog box include both the global attributes selected from the Export dialog box and the attributes that apply to this feature class only.