To add geospatial data to a mapTo add AutoCAD drawing data to a map
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To create a map

  1. Start a new drawing, choosing either the map2d.dwt or map3d.dwt template, or a custom map template you created.
  2. Assign a coordinate system to the map.
    NoteIf you do not assign a coordinate system to the map, data that you bring into the map will appear using its native coordinate system. If you bring in data from more than one coordinate system, entities may not align correctly in the map.
  3. Add features and drawing objectsto the map.

    To add geospatial data to a map

    • Drag and drop file-based sources into your map.
    • Use Data Connect to connect to any non-DWG data source and add the feature classes you want.
    • Use data-based queries to add a subset of data from the data source to your map.

    To add AutoCAD drawing data to a map

    • Use data-based queries to add objects from a drawing (find all objects on a particular layer, all objects of a certain size, all objects with certain properties).
    • Define areas to add (draw a selection window).
    • Add specific drawing layers.
  4. Optionally, add attribute data to features and drawing objects.
  5. Optionally, To add a raster-based surface to your map.
  6. Optionally, add open-source or third-party providers to access additional data formats, add data from AutoCAD Civil 3D, or add survey data.
  7. Organize the layers that comprise your map.
  8. Change the appearance of the map using styles and themes.
    NoteYou can create multiple display maps from the same data. See Creating Multiple Display Maps.
  9. Optionally, create new features or drawing objects. You can use many AutoCAD commands.