Bringing In Features from Oracle
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You can bring features from an Oracle data source into your map, creating a feature layer in Display Manager. When you do this, you can:

In the 2008 release of AutoCAD Map 3D, a new column called geometrytype was added to the table named F_AttributeDefinition. To use AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 to access FDO data stores that were created in AutoCAD Map 3D 2007 and earlier, you must first connect to the data store containing this table and run a SQL script. Instructions for this are on the Procedure tab of this topic. To do this, you must have the privileges required to execute the ALTER TABLE request. In the command line, enter the following:

sqlplus <datastorename>/<yourpassword>@<tnsServiceName> @<MapInstallDir>/Fdo/bin/com/AlterSchemaOracle.sql; exit;

Note For information on customizing this provider, refer to the FDO API Reference and the FDO Provider for Oracle API Reference. The API has custom commands for gathering information about a provider, transmitting client services exceptions, getting lists of accessible data stores, creating connection objects, and creating and dropping spatial indexes.
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