Bringing In Features from SHP
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To bring in features from SHP

  1. In Display Manager, click DataConnect To Data.
  2. In the Data Connect window, select Add SHP Connection in the Data Connections By Provider list.
  3. Under Connection Name, type a name for this connection.

    You can give the connection any name you like. This name appears in Map Explorer as the name of the feature source.

  4. Under Source File Or Folder, specify the location of the file. To include multiple files in a group, specify a folder.

    Click to browse to a file. Click the folder icon to browse to a folder.

  5. Click Connect.
  6. In the feature class list, select the feature classes to include in the map.

    If this feature source contains only a single feature class, that feature class is selected automatically. If it contains multiple feature classes, you can right-click any of them and select Select All or Select None.

  7. Verify that the coordinate systems are correct. You can change an incorrect coordinate system if necessary.
  8. Click Add To Map.

    To bring in a subset of the data, click the down arrow and select Add To Map With Query. To filter data after you’ve added the data to your map, see Filtering Feature Layers.

Features from the selected feature classes appear in your map. You can style, theme, and edit the features.

If you need additional properties related to this data, you can connect additional data to a feature source layer using a join.