Accessing Data from ODBC
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Use an ODBC connection to access attribute or point data in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, or dBASE.

Attribute data allows you to join information from a non-geometry source to a geometric feature. For example, you can join assessor data to a parcel layer. For information about joins, see Joining Data to GIS Features.

Point data can include survey points, LIDAR data, or GPS data, which is typically specified either by Latitude and Longitude columns or by XY coordinates.

By default, AutoCAD Map 3D maps each table in the database to a “feature class” while each column becomes a “property.”

When you view and edit data from an ODBC database, you can do the following:

Microsoft Excel Data

To access Microsoft Excel data, you must define table ranges in Excel. These named ranges in the worksheet can then be treated as separate ODBC tables, with each one mapping to an FDO feature class. If you do not define named ranges, no feature classes are available to add to your map. Instructions for defining a table range are on the Procedure tab of this topic.

Microsoft Access Data

Some Microsoft Access databases have autogenerated primary keys. You can load data from Microsoft Access databases without these primary keys and use that data for joins, and so on, However, without a primary key you cannot create and update data.

To perform a AutoCAD Map 3D location query in a Microsoft Access database that contains long integer values (longs), use the tools in Access to remove the indexes from location-based x/y columns.

Note For information on customizing this provider, refer to the FDO API Reference and the FDO Provider for ODBC API Reference.

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