Bringing In Features from WFS
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You can bring in web-based features that have been published to a public web server using the WFS (Web Feature Service) open standard developed by the Open GIS Consortium (OGC).

Once you have located the WFS data you want, determine the URL of the page that serves the published layers. Often, this is not a standard web page that you can open in a browser, but a page that has been programmed using a scripting language such as CGI, PHP, or ASP. See the following for some examples. You paste the address into the Data Connect window in AutoCAD Map 3D to access the data on that page.

When you bring in features from a WFS data source, you can do the following:

Example WFS Data Sources

WFS Data Source Description Data layers such as boundaries, terrains, physiography, utilities, and more. Virginia, USA Census tracts, Congressional districts, counties, interstates, POI, and places.
Note For information on customizing this provider, refer to the FDO API Reference and The Essential FDO.

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