Working Offline
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To work offline

  1. Click Edit Feature tab Edit Set panel Automatic Update.
  2. Check out the features you plan to use.

    For more information, see Checking Out Features.

  3. Click the Online/Offline toggle on the Status Bar.
    NoteAutoCAD Map 3D caches the feature source. This can take some time.

You can still check out and edit features while you are offline. When you return online, AutoCAD Map 3D attempts to lock features that you checked out while you were offline. Non-feature data cannot be checked out, so you cannot edit it unless you are connected to its source.

To return online

  1. Click the Offline/Online toggle on the Status Bar.
  2. Check in the checked out features.

    For more information, see Checking In Features.

To clear the cache

  1. Click Map Setup tabMap panelangle-arrow. At the Command prompt, enter mapoptions.
  2. In the AutoCAD Map 3D Options dialog box, click the System tab.
  3. Click Clear Cache. Click OK.

To rebuild the cache

  1. Right-click a feature layer in Display Manager Refresh Layer.