Managing Versions
Concept Procedure

For feature sources that support versioning, you can create a version, edit objects in that version, and then merge (commit) changes from the child version back to the parent version.

Support for versioning depends on the feature source. However, the following guidelines apply to most feature sources that support versioning:

Error handling

Errors can occur when you add, activate, drop, or merge versions. Some errors may be caused by actions within the Manage Versions dialog box, while others may be the result of activity within the data store itself.

The affected item in the dialog box displays an error indicator. To see the cause of the error, hold your cursor over this indicator. If you create a version and the operation fails, you will see a new version with an error indicator. The version has not really been created. It is a placeholder to display the error.

Errors remain visible until you close the dialog box, fix the errors, and redisplay the dialog box.

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