Styling Line Features
Concept Procedure

To apply styles to lines

  1. In Display Manager, right-click a feature layer that contains lines.
  2. Click Edit Style.
  3. In the Style Editor, under Scale Ranges, select the scale range to style.

    For more information about scale ranges, see Defining Scale Ranges.

  4. In the Line Style area for the selected scale range, click the box under Style.
  5. In the Style Line dialog box, select the Apply Styles To The Line check box.
  6. To style a single line, do the following:
    • For Units (Device Space), select the type of units to measure line thickness.

      Lines are specified in Device Space units.

    • Use the lists to specify polyline thickness, color, and pattern.
      NoteSelect 0 thickness to draw the line as thinly as possible.
  7. To build a composite line, do the following:
    • Click Create Composite Lines to expand the Style Line dialog box.
    • Style the first line in the composite.
    • Click New to add a new component to the line.
    • Style the new component as desired.
    • Control the position of the selected component in the overall composite line by clicking the up and down arrows.
  8. Click OK.