Styling Area Features
Concept Procedure

To apply styles to areas

  1. In Display Manager, right-click a feature layer that contains polygons.
  2. Click Edit Style.
  3. In the Style Editor, under Scale Ranges, select the scale range to style.

    For more information about scale ranges, see Defining Scale Ranges.

  4. In the Area Style area for the selected scale range, click the box under Style.
  5. To fill polygons, in the Style Area dialog box, select the Apply Fill To The Area check box.
  6. For Fill Pattern, select Solid or a pattern.
    • If you specified Solid fill, specify Foreground Transparency and Foreground Color.
    • If you specified a pattern fill, specify colors for Foreground Color and Background Color. If you do not want a background color for the pattern, click Transparent for Background Color.
      NoteIn polygons with transparent backgrounds, the colors you see on the map may differ from the colors displayed in the preview frame because the preview frame always uses a white background, which may differ from the color beneath the transparent objects in your map.
  7. To add borders to polygons, select the Apply A Border To The Area check box and then do the following:
    • For Line Pattern, specify the pattern for the area border.
    • For Units (Device Space), select the type of units to use to measure border thickness.
    • For Line Thickness, specify a thickness for the area border.
      NoteSelect 0 thickness to draw the border as thin as possible.
    • For Line Color, specify a color for the area border.
  8. Click OK.