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The MapGuide technology lets you publish map-related data on the web or on an intranet. The MapGuide technology is available as Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2009 and under an open source license. For more information, see the Mapping & GIS Solutions page on the Autodesk website.

When you publish to MapGuide, all layers, layer definitions, dynamic labels, queries, filters, and styles (including point, line, raster, and other styles) in your map are published in the format that MapGuide needs.

NoteIf you are using a previous release (Autodesk MapGuide 2008 or earlier), you cannot use this command. Instead, export your map to SDF2 format and send the resulting file to your MapGuide server.

Metadata is not included when you publish to MapGuide. You can export metdata from the Metadata Viewer.

MapGuide and Joined Data

If you have joined data to layers that you are publishing, you cannot publish the joined data with this command. The layer will be published, but the joined data will not. To publish both, save the layer with the joined data to SDF (which converts the joined data into a flat table) and then publish the resulting SDF file. This publishes only the data that was on the server at the time you created the SDF file. The features are no longer connected to the original databases and data. For more information about saving a layer to SDF, see Saving or Exporting a Display Manager Layer.

MapGuide and SHP or SDF Layers

If your map includes SHP or SDF layers, AutoCAD Map 3D copies the source files for those layers to the server. If your map includes layers that come from a central database, AutoCAD Map 3D includes pointers to the original data stores. If your map includes layers composed of objects from drawing files, AutoCAD Map 3D copies those objects as high-fidelity DWF files.

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