Exporting DWG Data to SDF2 Format
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Export drawing objects to SDF 2 format to use as a map layer in Autodesk MapGuide version 6.5 and earlier.

NoteThis format is not readable by Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2007 or MapGuide Open Source. You can publish to Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2007 fomat.

Along with the objects, you can export data attached to the objects (such as object data, external data, attribute data, or properties) to use for the following SDF fields:

Export only one type of object — point, line, polygon, or annotation — to an SDF file. The associated SIF file is a spatial index format (SIF) file.

Use the coordinate system set in AutoCAD Map 3D or export the file using a different global coordinate system. You can also define your own coordinate system for the translation.

After creating the SDF 2 file, you can use Autodesk MapGuide Author and Autodesk MapGuide Server to produce the files required to create and deliver web-viewable maps.

For information about Autodesk MapGuide SDF and SIF files, refer to the Autodesk MapGuide SDF Loader Help.

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