Reviewing the Bulk Copy Log Information
Concept Procedure

When you perform a Bulk Copy operation, AutoCAD Map 3D creates a log file that displays information about the source and target of the Bulk Copy operation. It lists any schemas you created, information about feature classes, the number of objects that were copied, and how much time the operation took. Here is an example:

“Source ConnectionProperty: 'File', Value: 'C:\San Francisco\County\SDF\bayarea_county.sdf'

Property: 'ReadOnly', Value: 'false'Target ConnectionProperty: 'File', Value: 'C:\old_version.sdf'

Property: 'ReadOnly', Value: 'false'Creating schema 'My_Schema'

Property My_Schema:bayarea_county.COUNTY: String length is 0, setting to 255

Property My_Schema:bayarea_county.FIPSSTCO: String length is 0, setting to 255

Inserting class 'My_Schema:bayarea_county'

9 objects inserted

Elapsed Time: 0.000110 seconds

Total: 9 objects inserted”

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