Setting Up Database Users
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You can use the FDO User Manager utility that comes with AutoCAD Map 3D to set up database users for Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

For an Oracle data store, AutoCAD Map 3D separates the concept of the Oracle user who owns the schema from the Oracle user who accesses the schema.

When you create a new Oracle data store in AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D automatically creates a new corresponding Oracle user who is the owner of that data. For example, creating a data store called mycitydb creates an Oracle user called mycitydb. However, you must also create separate Oracle users for the purpose of accessing the data store. These Oracle users match the end users who will access the data. For example, if an end-user named JSmith will be connecting to the new data store, you create an Oracle user with that name and grant him access to the new data store. This allows different users who access the same data to have different privileges.

To access data that resides in a relational database, AutoCAD Map 3D requires that database users have certain privileges. Use FDO User Manager to add a new user with the appropriate roles. FDO User Manager is a command-line utility that lets you manage database users and accounts consistently across database management systems.

When you create users for an Oracle instance with the FDO User Manager tool, those users have the privileges that support data access operations for that data store. If you access the data store as an Oracle user who was not created using FDO User Manager, the Database Administrator must ensure that the user has sufficient privileges to work with the data. If you use Oracle Workspace Manager, you must use separate users to create the data store and to access the data store, because locking is tracked by individual user and will not be effective if everyone connects as the same data store user.

In FDO User Manager, you choose an FDO provider and connection and then perform provider-specific tasks, including:

NoteDatabase users are not the same as AutoCAD Map 3D users, which are managed separately.
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