Setting Up Database Users
Concept Procedure

To manage database users and accounts

  1. Start FDO User Manager.

    By default, FDO User Manager is located in \Program Files\AutoCAD Map 3D\FDO\bin\. To start it, either double-click FdoUserManager.exe in Windows Explorer or enter FdoUserManager at a command prompt. (To invoke FdoUserManager from any prompt, add its directory to your path.)

  2. At the Choose a Provider menu, enter the digit that corresponds to your FDO Provider and press Enter.
  3. Enter each connection parameter when prompted and press Enter.

    For example, enter the required service name and username/password. For more information, contact your database administrator.

  4. After you are connected, follow the instructions on the screen.

    If you are adding a user, enter the user name and password.

    New users you create with this utility automatically have the roles and privileges required by the AutoCAD Map 3D FDO functionality. However, FDO User Manager allows you to grant some additional privileges. Use commas to separate the role names, with no spaces. You can enter ? to see a list of roles. To verify the roles after you add them, select List All Roles And Privileges Of A User.

  5. When you finish, enter 0 (a zero) to exit FDO User Manager.