Updating Metadata
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

You can specify that your metadata is updated automatically, or you can update it manually.

Update Automatically

If you select the Auto Update check box in the Metadata Options dialog box, your metadata will be updated as soon as its data source is updated if the drawing is connected to the data source. If the drawing is not connected, the metadata will update the next time you connect to the source.

Update Manually

To update metadata manually, you can use Update Auto in the Metadata Viewer or in the Metadata Editor. This will update the values for forced-update fields. Forced-update fields are derived directly from their data source. Any manual overrides to values in the fields are updated to those from the data source when you click Update Auto.

The labels for forced-update fields are highlighted in turquoise if you click Highlight in the Metadata Editor.

Fields that are not forced-update fields maintain your manual overrides.

Use Update All to update all fields. This overrides any temporary fields or values you entered manually.