Exporting Metadata
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You can share your metadata with other AutoCAD Map 3D users by exporting it. If you wish to share metadata with users of other products, see Publishing and Printing Metadata.

For current drawing classified DWGs

For a classified DWG used as the current drawing, the metadata is stored inside the DWG. Because the DWG file stores the location of the data source, the metadata will be updated with each data update, or each time it connects to updated data.

When you export metadata from a current classified DWG, it is transferred to an MTD file. Although the file has an .mtd extension, its format is XML. A linking file is also created and placed in the same location as the MTD file. If the following conditions are met, the linking file retains the location of the data, and the exported metadata are kept current.

For non-DWG files and feature classes

An MTD file is also generated when you create metadata for a non-DWG file or a feature class (which is one type of resource).

When you export metadata for a feature class, a feature source definition (FSD) file is created in addition to the MTD. In this case, it is the FSD file that keeps the metadata linked to its source data.

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