Importing Metadata
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One way to share metadata is by to import metadata created in AutoCAD Map 3D.

For Object Classes

When you import metadata for an object class (one type of resource), you can either open the DWG file containing that class (and its metadata), or append the metadata for the object class to the metadata for an existing object class in your current drawing. To do so, the metadata of the object class you are importing must have the exact same name as the existing object class.

For feature classes

When importing metadata for a feature class (another type of resource), AutoCAD Map 3D tries to connect to the feature source by launching the Data Connect dialog box with its connection parameter fields filled.

In the Metadata Viewer, you can import a metadata storage (MTD) file.

Import metadata values

In the Metadata Editor, you can import an XML file. As long as the file is structured according to the standard, the metadata values in it overwrite the current ones, except for the values in forced-update fields.

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