Tips for Drawing Layer Themes: Hatch Scale

For standard-scale hatch patterns (those that do not have an AR- prefix), the density of the hatching varies according to the hatch scale and plot scale you use.

Plot, Display, or View Scale Hatch Scale Result
1:2000 1 to 500 Solid
2000 Lines clearly visible  
15000 Sparse, occasional lines  
20000 No hatch or one line only  
1:10000 1 to 2500 Solid
10000 Lines clearly visible  
75000 Sparse, occasional lines  
100000 No hatch or one line only  

You can use solid fills at any scale to fill an enclosed area.

Examples of hatch patterns with different scales on a map plotted at 1:10000

Using too low a scale for hatch patterns can seriously impair results. For a listing of standard hatch patterns, look up "standard libraries" in the help index.