Overview of Measuring and Tracking
Concept Procedure

Use the following methods to measure and track coordinates.

For all map objects For drawing objects only Description
Tracking Coordinates   As you move the cursor around in a drawing window, display the cursor location in a specific coordinate system.
Measuring Geodetic Distance   Measure the geodetic distance (which takes into account the curvature of the Earth) between points in your map.
  Adding Distances Calculate the total of several disjunct distances between points in your map.
  Displaying Continuous Distance Add and display the distance between one point and several other points, or between a series of points. in a drawing.
  Displaying Angle Information Display the acute and obtuse angle between points or intersecting lines.
  Displaying COGO Information for Lines and Arcs Display coordinate geometry for lines and arcs, including line and curve details, area, and coordinates.
  Displaying Slope Display the slope, grade, and horizontal distance between two points.